Caleidoskope Brewing was founded in 2019 by four eager beerlovers and brewers, Brian, Anders, Jonas and Rasmus, all residing on Amager. So we are as local to Amager as it gets.

We started out with a small setup comprising 3 fermentation tanks and a 2000L capacity per rotation. Feeling confident we expanded in 2021 and increased capacity to 11000L per rotation, spread out on 9 fermentation tanks.

In early days we were eager to master and produce quality IPA. Modern fruity New Englands as well as crisp and bitter West Coasts. We have since wandered on to explore an array of other styles such as Brown Ale, Stouts, Smoothie Sour, Porter and Pilsner not least.  Through a bunch of collaborations with our industry friends we have been challenged to other styles and have been as far as welcoming Ukrainian Varvar Brewing to make a fresh and drinkable Ukrainian Golden Ale.

Our aim is to stay diverse and playful in our exploration of brewing beer.